A device that auto-rotates your display programmatically!
Made by Eric Roy.

Gyroscreen logo

What is it?

Gyroscreen is an USB-pluggable device that is attached at the back of the screen. When you rotate the screen physically, the device detects the rotation and tell the driver. The driver will finally communicate with the graphical interface and apply the new orientation.

Can I try it?

Of course! Please check out the README in the repository and follow the installation and building instructions. It is not a very easy-to-follow tutorial, but you will be able to do it.

What's the current state of the project?

As of writing this, the electrical circuit, PCB, 3D-printed enclosure, firmware and linux drivers are finished and 100% working. Some small tweaks may be done, but nothing very important.

The Windows and MacOS drivers, however, haven't been finished yet. You are more than welcome to help in the developing process, but I expect them to be ready soon.

What can I do?

Everything is licensed under the GPL-v3+ license. You can check out the repository and try everything. You can create issues or pull requests and I will do my best to help you. Contributions are more than welcome!


They say things are nicer with some images, so here you got some!

schematic pcb 3d_bottom 3d_top printed_pcb_bottom printed_pcb_top 3d_unmounted 3d_mounted